Truth, Beauty and Goodness.

The Dev Samaj is a Religious Society mainly devoted to the cause of serving humanity along with social, educational, moral and higher life-building lines, irrespective of caste, creed, colour or country.  It was founded on 16th February, 1887 by the most worshipful Bhagwan Dev Atma.

The main object of the Dev Samaj stated in brief is to become helpful and make others helpful, as far as it is possible in Nature, in carrying out the life-mission of its most Worshipful Founder, Bhagwan Dev Atma i.e. to eradicate the reign of falsehood, evil and disharmony, prevailing in the different relations of man and to establish on this earth the kingdom of truth, goodness and harmony or Dev Raj, by means of imparting the unique psychic light (Dev Jyoti) and unique psychic power (Dev Tej) of Bhagwan Dev Atma and thus, bring about higher changes in the hearts of people, irrespective of any consideration of caste, creed, colour, race, sex, occupation or country etc.

Such being the unique object of the Dev Samaj, its constitution has to be, necessarily, quite distinct from all other so-called religious sects and societies of the world.  In order to become a member of the primary grade of the Dev Samaj, every candidate has to rise to a certain stage of moral life and in order to get promotion to a higher grade, he must evolve still better in higher life or life of sacrifice and service.  The Dev Samaj, thus, serves as a glorious platform for higher life to build up a real and morally strong Indian Nation.

Every new comer, who is considered qualified by the Dev Samaj Managing Council to be initiated into  the Dev Samaj, has to accept the truth of the following fundamental creed of the Samaj :-

“Eko hi Dev atma Satya Devah

Sa Dev Jyotirtejshcha Suryah

Sa eve ekah sa Dharma Shikshkah

Sarvangaha Atmik Kalyankarta”

Translation : “The Dev Atma is the one and the only true Deva or Worshipful being; true spiritual  Sun emitting the highest psychic light and the highest psychic power; the One True-Teacher of Satya Dharma or the Science-Grounded religion; and the One True and Highest Benefactor of all fit souls.”

Besides accepting the above truth, he has to pledge to permanently refrain from the following eight specified sins:-

I shall not myself eat, nor give, nor cause to be given to the others, any intoxicants, such as wine, opium, tobacco, etc except when advised on medical grounds.

  • I shall not myself eat, nor give, nor cause to be given to the others for eating, flesh or egg or anything made there from.
  • I shall not gamble, nor be helpful to others in this act.
  • I shall not steal anything of others, nor help others in committing theft.
  • I shall not take bribes in the performance of my legitimate duties.
  • I shall not withhold any money or any other thing entrusted to me as a deposit; I shall not suppress payment of any donation promised by me towards a beneficent cause, nor withhold any debt incurred by me from any body, when I am able to pay or return it. I shall not suppress payment of the price of anything purchased by me.
  • I shall not commit adultery, nor help others in doing so, nor will I re-marry in the life time of my wife and husband.
  • I shall not knowingly kill any sentient being, except on certain just ground i.e. when one is obliged to use the right of defence for oneself or one’s relation or property etc.

The Principle underlying these pledges makes a man really noble and truly Dharmic, provided he really cares to mature it in his life.  Besides the eight sins, which one has to give up, every candidate,  for admission, has to take certain positive pledges for doing some good deeds in relation to others.

The gradation of members in the Dev Samaj is not at all based on any worldly position or rank, profession or Job, wealth or possession, University degrees or Government titles etc, of a person.  The only condition which determines the promotion to a higher grade or to a higher position in the Dev Samaj is the better life of a member.  They alone are promoted to higher grades who are able to renounce more and more sins and social evils, and undertake more and more positive duties involving the sacrifice of self, in the service of others.  Such classification on basis of real higher life is not found in any other society.

The most important, vital and essential work of the Dev Samaj consists in bringing about a change for the better in fit souls, i.e. in truly liberating them, on this earth, from the grip of various Low-Loves and low-hates and from their  resultant false beliefs, sins and vices (viz. dishonest dealings of various kinds, bribery, theft, dishonesty, suppression of debts and deposits, gambling, all kinds of sexual impurities, i.e. adultery, polygamy, etc, use of all kinds of intoxicants etc, etc.) and evolving in them altruistic or higher forces of character.  They are, thus, made truly trustworthy, honest, dutiful, serviceable, reverent, grateful and sympathetic in their various relations. Thus, a New era of truly blissful state in all relations is evolved on this earth.

New Members- Every year lot of persons pledge for life to refrain from all the eight specified sins and are initiated as the lowest grade (izFke members of the Samaj.  Several members are promoted to higher grades, on fulfilling the prescribed conditions of higher life and the service of Samaj.

Hundreds of persons owe wonderful changes in their soul life under the soul purifying influences of Bhagwan Dev Atma’s unique powers.  Those who had taken bribes, wrongly suppressed the payment of debts or of Government taxes, travelled by rail without tickets, wrongfully possessed other’s money or property or otherwise harmed others and who had all along felt at peace in their such morally diseased state, have been so far changed by the higher influences of the Dev Samaj, that they have not only renounced such sins for the future, but have also made adequate reparations for them to the government or the parties concerned.  In this way, the amount paid back by them comes to lakhs of rupees.